Friday, September 19, 2014

Fasten Fashion

All this time I've been blissfully tiny owl-ing along, not aware that a terrible crisis was looming. Friends, that moment of crisis has arrived: I'm almost out of buttons.
For this project I've been using buttons salvaged by my great grandmother off of my great grandfather's shirts. I went through my hoard early on in the project and found all the matching pairs that could be found, and all that was left in Great Grandma's jar were kazillions of white or ivory buttons and a few mismatched ones.
As I found out a couple of weeks ago, white yarn eyes with white button pupils are super creepy. If I want to use any of those kazillions of white/ivory buttons, I'm going to have to change the way these tiny owls have eyes.
But I figured that since I still have a handful of non-white buttons, I may as well use them. Mismatched owly eyes are bound to be a little cutem, right? Or creepy. I guess we'll see.

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