Monday, July 22, 2013

7 Years is Volkswagen Golf Year

Recently I was on my way to work, driving my 2003 Volkswagen Golf, with a co-worker in the passenger’s seat. We were stopped at a red light on 14th & Q.
I remembered the first time I’d been in that car at that location: I was leaving work, and had borrowed the car from my boyfriend while he was visiting. It belonged to his parents, and I scuffed the front bumper on another car in the parking lot, leaving a red smudge on its white paint.
Today, that car looks a lot different. It’s still reliable and gets good gas mileage, but it’s got a few more dents and bumps. The paint on its back bumper is cracking away, because once it rolled backwards into a Lexus when the emergency brake was left off. It’s got tons more miles on it, since my husband drives it to work. Sometimes, especially on long trips, it has two car seats in it to transport our daughters.
Our lives have changed a lot in the last decade. We’ve gotten married. We’ve become adults. We’ve graduated from college. We’ve become parents.
We’ll always be growing and changing, but we won’t forget who we are. We might have a few more dents and bumps, but we’re still reliable and get good gas mileage. (Well, maybe not that last bit.)
Happy Anniversary, Husband. I love you.

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