Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Inspiration

On Mondays I usually do chores that didn’t get done on the weekend, catch up on the internet that happened while I was ignoring it (it’s pretty surprising how much news you miss when your news-gathering source is off), and try to think of something to write for my blog.
The problem is that I’m so busy chasing my kids around and doing the dishes and consuming the entirety of my twitter and facebook news feeds that I don’t really have a moment to think about something worth writing.
And I know that’s the equivalent of a kid sitting in the middle of a mountain of toys saying, “I’m bored!”
One of the things I like to do sometimes is let the internet inspire me. Unfortunately, the only things that the internet was super interested in this weekend were generally politically charged, had to do with death... or both. But the purpose of this blog is not to serve as a soapbox for my feelings on political issues or death or political issues involving death. I have feelings on political issues and death and political issues involving death, but they’re not really good material for something that I want to be either heartwarming or slightly amusing.
Usually, an idea for something to write comes to me and I ponder it while doing something else until I can at least craft a good intro. Then I hit the computer and get it all out, while distracting myself with social media. Finally, I look for a good photo or video to bring everything together, although sometimes, it starts with a photo or video.
Today, I was inspired to write about how the internet inspires me when I stumbled over this image.
Image property of Gemma Correll
I’m sure it’s an oversimplification of the tons of work that artists do, but it seems like it’s easier than what I do. I can’t just... write about how I like cats.
Or maybe I can. I’ll try it someday... some Monday, maybe.

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