Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dress for the Occasion

"One Free Chocolate Thunder from Down Under for everyone
who comes directly from a wedding ceremony, whether it was
7 years ago or 7 minutes ago." -Outback Steakhouse
So it turns out that if you go to Outback Steakhouse in a wedding dress, you get free dessert.
I usually put on my wedding dress at least once on our wedding anniversary, but usually it’s just me, by myself, slipping it on without fighting to zip it up, maybe looking at myself in the mirror and giggling and admiring the train because it’s so pretty.
Wedding dresses are expensive. They’re special. If we wore them every day, they’d cost the same as an everyday dress, and we’d feel the same wearing them. A wedding dress reminds you of that special event, that happiest day of your life.
I do not consider the act of putting on my wedding dress on my anniversary to defraud the specialness of the dress. It’s not like I break it out for Halloween. And as I told the server, “It’s my dress, why shouldn’t I wear it?”
Everybody wins. I got to feel special and look pretty, my husband and daughters ate our free dessert, and the servers get to add our story to that long list of food service anecdotes. I can just hear them: “Yeah, well that’s nothing. One time I had a lady in a wedding dress come in...”
Lookin' good.

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