Friday, July 5, 2013

Boogaloo Bag Count: 52

That’s right folks, with not even a week off, we’re going right back to the bag!
Every time I look at this thing I can't believe how pretty it is!
It turns out that national holidays are great for crafting because there are several people willing to watch your kids so that you can crochet (or because they love your kids... either way it frees you up to work on your projects).
This week I also gave quite a bit of thought into Bag the Bag Part 3: the Sequel to the Sequel. I still haven’t decided what size of hook to use, but I’m leaning toward a larger one so it will get done faster. You may now be asking, “well, if you want it to get done faster, why are you even making it in the first place?” And the answer to that is “because I really like seeing how quickly I can make something, and watching it get taller every week when I take a picture of it is really cool.”
It's not particularly impressive yet.
Boogaloo Bag Count: 52

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