Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Thoughts

The 2010 finish line (from an article on boston.cbslocal.com)

Everyone reacts to a horrible event differently. Some people are glued to the live feed and can’t get enough of watching videos and looking at pictures of the victims and their families. Some people hate to think that terrible things can happen, so they close themselves off and think about anything but suffering innocents. Some people respond by donating to every charity that could possibly impact the situation, either the Red Cross or other charities benefiting those who suffered.
Everyone has to grieve in their own way.
Yesterday I stayed glued to the radio. I knew that there would probably be some wild reporting, so I didn’t want to depend on anything I heard as fact, though I still wanted to listen for one thing.
I wanted to know why.
We still don’t. We may not know for some time. There were reports yesterday that a person of interest was detained, that bomb squads had found three more undetonated devices and were looking for some kind of a pattern or maybe some fingerprints or other evidence to show who could be responsible.
I waited in silence while listening to Boston’s fire marshal during his press conference. I shed tears during the President’s speech, especially when he said things like “victims” and “people of Boston” and “justice.”
Last night my brother and I popped the cap off the top of a couple of Samuel Adams beers. I clinked my glass of White Lantern with his Boston Lager. “To Boston!” we said.
In situations like this, after we learn the where and when, we want to know what happened, we want to know who did it, and we want to know why. And after living through several of these incidents, Americans want to know how we can help.
We don’t know why, but we will. The President said, “justice.” The most important thing we can do right now is to not let terror take us. Don’t be afraid, America. Do what you can to help. Give blood. Donate your money. Send your thoughts. Pray.
Clink your beer.

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