Friday, April 26, 2013

Bag Count: 57

I had a lot of projects to work on this week: Bag the Bag, Bag the Bag Part 2: the Electric Boogaloo, writing and addressing college graduation announcements for my brother, assembling new props for my awesome photo booth, and getting items ready to sell at a consignment sale.. I had to prioritize, so everything with a deadline naturally came first. The clothes went off to be sold. The wording for the announcements was decided on, and I scribbled names on the envelopes. And the Bears superfans that I’ll be taking pictures of this weekend are going to love the orange and navy flags I made.
I was able to work a little on Bag the Bag (and Part 2: the Electric Boogaloo), but it was only as an “unwinding while watching TV” project. I brought P2EB with me to our Financial Peace University class on Sunday, since a majority of the class time is spent watching a video. One of our classmates asked, “Oh, what are you making?” and soon as I was finished explaining, the leaders, both of whom attend the church where the class takes place, burst out with, “that looks just like the project our women’s group just finished!”
“What?” I cried, leaping out of my chair. One of them opened up the doors and turn on the lights of the fellowship hall, where six or seven huge plarn blankets were hanging along one wall. “They’re going to donate them to the homeless,” one of the leaders informed me as I snapped pictures. “All of the blankets are very creative,” said the other, “one of them even has a heart pattern worked into the middle of it.”
Nice job, Gretna UMC crafters! These
blankets are huge!
The clever crafters had also made sure the blankets were
easy to carry.
Looking closer, I could tell they used a big,
thick, crochet hook. Like at least a P/15mm,
if not larger.

When we returned to the classroom, I declared, “those pictures are going right up on my blog!” (Another classmate asked, “you have a blog?” so maybe I gained a new reader! If so, Hiiiii, Wendy!)
When I get a second to think about how much work I’ve done on Bag the Bag, I think I’ll be surprised how far I’ve come since last week. The comparison pictures say it all.

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