Friday, April 12, 2013

Bag Count: 44

"What count?" I'm working very hard on an upcycling project that I like to call Bag the Bag. Go ahead and catch up with previous installments.

After last week’s bag windfall, I excitedly got to cutting.
I cut.
And I cut.
Finally, after I got everything in order (after staying up until almost midnight one night to do so), I got to start working on the bag again. But then I ran into another problem.
I’d lost count.
“How many is that?” my mom asked. “Fifty!” I proclaimed proudly. Later, I second guessed myself. “That can’t be fifty...” I went back and tried to think about how many I’d cut and how many I’d already used, but I didn’t have a good way of tallying up the amounts.
Finally I decided to count by tens. I’m going to keep the next ten bags ready to go inside the (considerably large) in-progress bag, and when they’re used up, I’ll know that it’s time to up the count. That way I won’t have to think about it while I’m crocheting. “Is this the 41st or the 42nd?!”
The exciting thing is that I’m over halfway done with the vertical part of the bag. The not exciting thing is that once I’m finished with the vertical part, I’ll have to actually make a decision about how I’m going to handle the handles.
It’s so grown up!
So mature!

Look at this picture from when it was little!
Last week
This week

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