Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jong Un Style

This week I saw two separate images likening Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, to Psy, the (South) Korean pop sensation. (If you’ve never heard of Gangnam Style, educate yourself; what are you, living under a rock or something?!)
The pictures were both pretty funny. One was a spoof of those snickers commercials: “eat a snickers, you’re like a ____ (diva, etc) when you’re hungry.”
I'm sure he meant war monger.

The other was a comparison of yelling in North Korea and yelling in South Korea:
Once when I was a kid, I got in trouble for yelling at my brother, "Mom says to get your butt home!"

The world hasn’t yet seen all that Kim Jong Un can do. Maybe he’ll be a great leader and North Korea will enter a golden age. Maybe he’ll try to flex his muscles at other countries and start tearing up sixty year old cease fire treaties (oh, wait).
If I were Psy, I’m not sure how I’d respond to being compared to a modern day dictator. If actress Leelee Sobieski ever decides to become the tyrant of a small, uninformed populace, I guess I’ll let you know.
"Look alikes" in my yearbook. I wonder which one is which.

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