Monday, September 9, 2013

Away Uniforms

There is a lot of stuff to learn when you start actually paying attention to a sport like professional football. Players’ names, their positions and the teams they play for, and which teams are generally going to score the most points. One of the things that makes watching the NFL so interesting is that all of these things can change at any time (yes, even the player’s names, especially when they’re the type that doesn’t want anyone to forget the number on their jersey).
Once you make the effort to learn all of these things, it’s hard to focus on anything else on a Sunday (or Monday or Thursday, depending on the week). And when there’s nothing but football on TV all day, your kids start to take an interest.
Usually, the home team wears darker uniforms, and the away team wears lighter uniforms. Tonight when the Texans play in San Diego, they’ll be wearing white uniforms with blue and red trim, while the Chargers will wear their blue jerseys with white and yellow.
It’s different in Dallas, though, and I was confused about the arrangement while watching the Giants play there in dark blue. “What do the Cowboys wear when they're away?” I asked my husband.
My three year old had the obvious response, gesturing over her head as she answered: “cowboy hats!”

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