Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crossover Cafe

Crossover Cafe is a lovely establishment not far from the fork in the road and just north of the yellow brick road. The Mad Hatter and Auntie Em often met there for tea while Toto chased the Cheshire Cat, and Dorothy and Alice argued.
Last week it had been about fashion: Dorothy advocated for white dresses and blue aprons while Alice stood firmly apposed, in favor of blue dresses with white aprons. The aunt and the hatter had agreed that the whole thing began because Alice was jealous of Dorothy’s ruby slippers, but they thought it would be best not to interfere.
This week it seemed to be about harrowing events in their lives. By the time Dorothy’s aunt and her companion took notice, the girls were shouting at one another.
“Hey! Tumbling down a rabbit hole is harder than it looks!”
“At least I don’t go looking for trouble!”
You’ve never been sentenced to death for no reason!”
“I’d like to see you face down the Wicked Witch of the West!”
“How would you react to being given advice by a caterpillar?”
I saw a giant floating head!”
“Disappearing cats!”
After sharing a look of concern, the two at tea decided that it was, in fact, time to interfere. But by the time they had exited the cafe, the argument appeared to be over. The girls were laughing together and Dorothy was offering to let Alice try on her shoes.
The hatter shook his head, muttering, “nonsense!” under his breath, and Auntie Em followed him back inside to their table, agreeing, “We ought to be used to it by now.”
Writing Prompt #763
I do not own Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz.

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