Friday, September 20, 2013

Internet Inspiriation

Crafters, since the ancient days, have formed groups and cabals and societies. We have shared recipes, patterns, and materials, and have encouraged one another while providing ideas for new things to craft.
Before the internet, there were meetings and craft circles, books and magazines.
Now, we have everything we could want at our fingertips. Craft websites have tons of free ideas, forums to share tips and ask for feedback, and even times for offline meetings to discuss projects with other crafters in real life (as it was in the beginning).
(c) Ravelry LLC
Ravelry is an amazing online group of knitters and crocheters. On Ravelry you can buy and sell patterns, make friends and join groups, and recieve the kind of fuzzy warm feelings that only hanging out with other people who love their craft as much as you do can give.
(c) 2013 Etsy, Inc
Etsy is a lovely website for selling vintage goods, handmade goods, and craft supplies. You can sell your creations or buy those of others. Or, if you’ve got ten hours or so and a credit card with a high limit, you can buy every single thing. The work of the sellers on Etsy is remarkable: it’s intricate, exquisite, and breathtaking. You can buy art for your walls, custom shoes for your feet, or an engagement ring for your betrothed.
(c) 2013 Pinterest
Pinterest is a website for everything. I have not signed up or spent much time on it myself, but I have heard many harrowing tales of its capability to suck out your soul, and when you emerge from it, you may find that a week has passed and you don’t remember anything but sleep, eat, and Pinterest.
I have come to the realization that I probably need to join. Sometimes Pinterest will let you look at cool craft ideas, and sometimes it bars you and holds out its hand for your username and password. I want to be able to be inspired by ideas that brides have for photo booth props, but at the same time I’d rather keep my soul intact.
My mother said, “Honey, I’m sure it’s not that bad. You can keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed by a website.” But she hasn’t heard the urban legends that I have. I’m scared.
The internet is a wonderful new tool used by crafters everywhere. Scrapbooking websites and blogs, the facebook pages of famous chefs, and crafting communities all over the internet are inspiring, aiding, and sharing wonderful ideas for crafters today, just as crafters have always done.
I’m off to join Pinterest. If I never return, at least you will know what happened to me. You’ll be able to warn others to beware.

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