Monday, September 16, 2013


This morning I sat down at my computer to do the usual things: check facebook to make sure no one I love in Colorado has floated away (click here to read a Denver Post article on where and how you can help), maybe do some writing, and to check my email.
These are three windows I always have up in my browser: facebook, gmail, & Google Drive. Google Drive has no need for notifications, but if someone “likes” a status on my facebook wall or sends me a message, a little number appears on the tab to let me know how many pressing pieces of information are waiting for me there. And gmail always lets me know how many unopened emails are sitting quietly, hoping I’ll read them soon.
The problem is that right now my husband and I are sharing our only laptop and existing off of internet on our smart phones when the other one is using the computer. We both get email on our phones, so my gmail account is pretty much always the one that’s signed in on the laptop, since I do my work on it. It’s a big day for me when I have more than seven emails to read; I’m not signed up for a gajilliondy-five mailing lists, and my spam folder is in fine working order.
So I did a double take when I glanced at the top of my computer screen today, where I saw that I had over a thousand emails.
It only took me a second to realize that it was probably that my husband had left his email account signed in, but that “HOW HAVE I SUDDENLY BECOME FAMOUS” second was one I can enjoy looking back at to laugh.
Maybe someday I’ll have trouble keeping on top of my email, but now I think I’ll enjoy being able to read and respond to every one. And I’ll enjoy still being surprised at how many emails my husband doesn’t read.

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