Friday, September 13, 2013

Gift -R- Done

One of the greatest things about my job as a photo booth operator is that my boss lets me make props for it. I’ve made signs, mustaches, a monocle, lips, and have even brought along a couple of things I’ve crocheted.
Yesterday, I took the booth to a nearby country club to a dinner for a charity golf tournament: the Jason Peter all fore Git -R- Done Foundation!
I spent several hours of the morning painstakingly drawing, cutting out, and taping together this sign especially for it.
It was enjoyed by quite a few people during the event, including one guy who shouted, “Git -R- Done!” the whole time his pictures were being taken.
Since there was a lot to do and a ton or people to talk to, Larry himself did not have time for the photo booth. I wasn’t offended, but to make up for it (and to make up for the fact that I got to meet him and my sister-in-law Gwen, who is a fan, didn’t), I got him to sign it.
I love making props for my job, and enjoy it even more when I can see that people like them. This time I get extra fun: giving a gift!

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