Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shorter Week = Busier Week

We usually don’t look at a three day weekend in any other way than a blissful extension of our ‘being at home instead of at work’ time. It’s not often that we look at that lost Monday or Friday and think “I could have gotten so much work done!
The fact of the matter is, a week that’s shorter because of a nice three day weekend is a week you’re going to have to squish five days of work into four.
Thankfully, I did Monday’s work on Monday, but since I have extra work on Wednesday, I’m going to have to squish that day’s work into today. I should probably attempt to take on Thursday’s work as well, since my fabulously talented writing partner and I just started a new project, and the giggling/“ooh, ooh, what about this?!” phase is in full swing, so I know it’s going to distract me from whatever else needs to be done.
Friday is right out. Friday is when my fabulously talented writing parter and I update our completed story (which you should check out if fanfiction is your thing), when I update a completed story of my own, and when I have the normal work of this blog’s Friday Craft Diary, which usually consists of a twenty minute photo shoot followed by writing three or five sentences.
It might occur to my reader to bring to my attention that since I was able to get some kind of work done on Monday, that I might have used that day to complete other work. Well, I could have.
But that would defeat the purpose of a three day weekend.

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