Friday, May 10, 2013

Bag Count: 70

When I began Bag the Bag, I was worried about what to do for the handles. I’m currently working on the handles, and I’m still worried. I’m worried they won’t be strong enough, mostly. This thing is made of chopped up plastic grocery bags, after all.
Since my concern that I’m going to screw this thing up continues, I haven’t been working super hard on it this week. I’ve also been distracted by Bag the Bag Part 2: The Electric Boogaloo.
I started The Electric Boogaloo because I didn’t want that awkward phase between two projects that you get when you finish one and still want to be working but don’t know what to start next. Unfortunately, I ended up with that awkward moment when you’re working on two projects at once and for whatever reason you feel like working more on your secondary project than your primary one.
Who wouldn't love that face?
The other reason I’m not working as fast as I can on Bag the Bag is because I’ve only got three white and blue bags left. The last time I ran out, I received a windfall of about forty more, so I’m kind of slowing down to see if that kind of thing feels like happening again. I could use about twenty more, Universe. Not too many, not too few. I don’t want to walk into Walmart and ask a checker for bags so that I can recycle them (because that would be ridiculous) (on top of my already ridiculous project) (it would just be too much ridiculous to handle at once). The Universe has my order for gently used plastic Walmart bags, so who knows what could happen.
I guess I could take apart the handle as it is now, save those seven bags for trimming, and use a completely different kind of bag for the handles. My main goal with Bag the Bag is that I wanted it to be cohesive, and maybe even pretty.  I’ve come this far with it all the same color, and I’d like to keep it that way. The Electric Boogaloo can look like I went dumpster diving to save the earth in order to make it, and I want it to look that way.

Bag count: 70

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